Whole Health: Food

We believe choosing a cleansing diet and lifestyle is the single most important life choice you can make…

The pH level of your internal fluids affects every cell in your body. Many of the foods we eat can offset our body’s natural balance and when our internal environment becomes too acidic we’re far more susceptible to illness and disease.

The majority of the foods commonly consumed in a processed, westernised diet are acid-forming, for example; bread, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, meat, dairy and refined carbohydrates. Over an extended period, an acidic diet will eventually corrode our tissues and impair basic cellular activities and functions. Disease and illness thrive in this type of environment, which is why alkaline rich foods are a better, healthier choice long term.

Every metabolic process functions best in an alkaline rich environment! Keep an eye on our blog or get in touch to learn more about the importance of cleansing foods.



If you really want to see a difference, you must give your body what it needs… Discover and introduce some raw foods, with well-balanced meals, quality nutrients and plenty of water… just as nature intended.

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